Think Before You Clip! ✂️🐾

Did you know that it’s not recommended to “clip” or shave the coats of certain dog breeds? While perhaps counterintuitive, your dog’s natural coat also works as an insulating layer, helping to keep your dog cool.

What Is A “Double Coat”?

A pet’s fur, its also commonly known as their “coat”. Some pets have a single, double, or even triple layer coat. A double coated dog’s fur is comprised of two parts. A double coat has a longer topcoat of protecting guard hairs, and a short dense undercoat that traps air and helps to regulate body temperature. Your pet’s double coat works just like a bird’s plumage, working to trap air and regulate their body temperature!

How Does It Make A Difference?

Do you shave your dog? If you shave your pet attempting to keep them cooler during the summer months, this could unwittingly cause long term issues for your fur-baby. Unfortunately many pet-parents shave their double coated dogs with well-meaning intent, not knowing it results in the opposite effect.

In actuality, shaving or clipping a double or triple coated dog can result in numerous coat issues or health problems. While Fido might appear more comfortable with all that “extra fluff” gone, it will probably result in health issues further down the road. Shaving a double or triple coated dog’s fur can result in sunburn, skin cancer, overheating, improper coat growth, and multiple other other health issues, both short and long term. Join YPCC’s movement, and help #StopTheShave of double coated dogs.

What Dog Breeds Are Double Coated?

When thinking of double coated dogs, we often think of “fluffy pets” like huskeys or German shepherds. But a few of the breeds with these special grooming needs might surprise you. While many double coated dogs are easy to recognize from their fluffy coats, some breeds (such as the yorkie terrier) are not as easy recognized.

Pet size isn’t always indicative either! From newfoundlands to terriers and pomeranians, double coated dogs come in a variety of size and breed classes. Learn more about double coated dogs, and how to properly groom them, below.

Learn More About Double Coated Dog Grooming!
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