The Explosive Effects Of Fireworks 

The Explosive Effects Of Fireworks 

It’s July! A season well known for flags, freedom, and fireworks. However, this holiday is also widely known as a “season of stress” for pet owners.

It’s common knowledge that fireworks cause anxiety in many animals. But is it only household pets that can’t tolerate the cacophony of noises surrounding our summertime festivities? Or is there perhaps more to it?

More Than Just A Few Pets

This event is commonly known to affect our furry family members, in a not-so-positive way. But is that really enough to consider stopping? But is that really enough to consider stopping? Common public reactions to the proposal to cease the practice of fireworks are that of defensiveness, or scoff-filled rebukes. After all, it’s often only a few times a year these events are hosted. So why should we stop our time-honored traditions for just a few “scaredy-cat” dogs?

However, contrary to popular assumption, the effects of our mid-year jubilee extends to more than just a small collection of household pets. The effects of firework blasts have also been known to have adverse effects on a host of other species as well. Those affected extend to our local wildlife, domestic pets and farm animals, as well as young children and individuals personally suffering from PTSD or other personal impairments.

Yes, that’s correct. Fireworks also adversely affect the very veterans that we’re ultimatly trying to celebrate. This startling reminder leads way to a solum realization; Perhaps the continuation of the activities that hurt our American heroes’ is more “un-American” than ceasing the use of the fireworks themselves.

The Greatest Lost-Pet Event Of The Year

July 4th is widely known as a relaxing day of sun-shine filled outdoor activities, grilling, drinking, and fireworks. However, largely attributed to the presence of the frighteningly loud explosives that litter the atmosphere each year, July 4th also boasts a reputation for pet loss.

July 4th festivities come with their caveats, tauting the title of “highest percentage of lost pets” as opposed to any other day of the year. The explosives that mar the sky during the day of the 4th, and throughout the week, commonly cause frightened animals to flee in panic, searching for auditory reprieve. Many of these attempts to seek quieter shelter, ultimately result in a bereft pet owner. Similar to after Christmas, but with a myriad of pet types rather than unwanted puppies, the local shelters become flooded each July. The sheer number of strays often leave local animal shelters overwhelmed, the effects of the events lasting for up to several months afterwards.

Blasting Away Traditions, With Fear-Free Alternatives.

But what exactly are we supposed to do if we shouldn’t participate in our annual holiday spectacles? Well, that’s where the fun starts! While the tradition of fireworks itself might be a bit outdated, that’s not to say that the rest of the festivities are!

Grilling out, family time, community gatherings, sparklers, glow-lights, concerts, and a vast variety of other festivities are all on the preverbal table! New creative festivities are always on the horizon, with digital or light-cast firework imitations, as well. With these new alternatives in addition to plenty of family friendly activities such as community fairs, craft or trade shows, and concerts, there’s never a shortage of fun to be had. So what are you waiting for? Save that roadside fireworks money, and come buy a funnel cake with us this year!