Ode’ To Dog Walkies!

Did you know that January is national walk your pet month?! Join us in celebrating the gift movement, and get that serotonin pumping for both you and your pup!

Pet health is a multi-faceted puzzle that starts with four corners: food & nutrition, mental stimulation, love and, you guessed it, exercise! Getting out daily for a 30 minute or longer walk with your pet not only helps them keep their bodies active and their weight in check, but their minds active also. Check out our other pup-tastic article Stop & Sniff to learn the importance of mind engaging walks!

Can’t always make time for an excursion? We’re down with the dog walkies! YPCC is celebrating January’s national walk your pet month with a wide services offering of 30, 45, and 60 minute dog walks, All. Year. Long. Let’s get walking!!